Dina Renee is an upcoming pop artist originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, and currently based in Los Angeles, CA.  She always wanted to be a singer and taught herself how to play piano by ear at 3 years old and started writing songs soon after. She looked up to her older brother and sister growing up who were also musicians, but was also inspired by artists such as Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, and Sheryl Crow.

Dina always excelled in the arts but had a tough childhood with many health issues/surgeries. She was constantly bullied for having a lisp which made her extremely shy to sing her real voice. In High School she took to acting and comedy which came easily to her and allowed her to branch out of her shell.  She ended up recording  her first of many comedy songs during this time, and entertained people with many impersonations. Being a very hard worker and extreme perfectionist, she received a scholarship and graduated from the University of Tennessee.  Dina was beyond ready to move out to LA to pursue her dreams of singing and acting, but dreadfully received the worst news of her life a month after graduation-that her mother had  been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. 

Dina- being the youngest- was extremely close to her mother and did not know how to cope with this news.  A year after staying in her hometown with her mother her best friend was found murdered.  Everything proved to be too much and Dina knew the time was now to leave her hometown.  Losing her very good friend made Dina realize how short life really is so she decided after her mother was in remission to move to LA.

Dina's first years in LA had many ups and downs.  She booked many TV show featured spots within her first year and was recording with a grammy nominated producer.  But, when her mom's cancer returned she was back and fourth to Tennessee for many years as she still pursued both music and acting but also made sure most of her time was with her mother across the country. She released her first two pop singles before losing her mother to cancer in 2015 with a percentage of the proceeds going to St. Judes.  The passing of her mother changed Dina's perspective on life as she never thought she would be able to survive without her mom.  She made a promise to her mom that she would be ok and she started performing all over Los Angeles soon after her death. 

Dina has always had a unique vocal tone which is a blend of retro pop and she creates catchy hooks that will be stuck in your head. This year Dina released her latest single "What I'm Not Gonna Do" which has been her most successful single so far receiving many write ups and over 150 k plays on Spotify.  

Dina's goal for everyone she meets is to inspire him or her to follow his or her dreams now- "Do it now" is her mantra as life is short she says.  Despite her perfectionist ways- she is now pursuing the dreams she had as a young girl and is fearless of the future. 

Dina is currently finishing up her EP as well as performing locally at many venues in Los Angeles.